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Yeah...yeah... so, you can run 100 miles. You can run through the hills of the highest mountains and through the heat of the sun in the hot desert valleys but, can you run on a perfectly flat course?  How about on a flat course with a slight chill in the air?  How about on a flat course with a few feet of beautiful white snow and sub zero temperatures?  If you answered, "Yes" to the last question then you're ready to face the ultimate ultra running challenge, The 2014 Winter Beast of Burden!  (Don't worry, if you answered, "Yes" to the first 2 questions and not the last one you can still join us for The 2014 Summer Beast of Burden in August.)  Either way, get ready for an epic run on the historic Erie Canal and be prepared to unleash the beast inside of you!  

This Ultra is not for the faint of heart! Whether you're looking to take you're ultra running to the next step or you just want some really cool "bling," look no further.  The Winter BoB is sure to be a true test of ones abilities.  In the past we've been very lucky, all of our races took place during a beautiful blizzard.  Over two feet of snow fell during our first event and over a foot of snow fell during our last event.  Who else has a beautiful ultra in January where the ground is covered by so much beautiful white fluffy stuff?  

Upcoming Races

Feb 16th, 2019 50 Miles

Two 25-mile out and backs

Course Type: Multiple Loop

Feb 16th, 2019 100 Miles

Four 25-mile out and backs

Course Type: Multiple Loop

Past Races

Date Distance Total Finishers
02/18/18 50 Miles 32
02/18/18 100 Miles 21
01/28/17 50 Miles 31
01/28/17 100 Miles 27
01/23/16 50 Miles 42
01/23/16 100 Miles 18
01/24/15 50 Miles 40
01/24/15 100 Miles 30
01/18/14 50 Miles 37
01/18/14 100 Miles 27
01/26/13 50 Miles 34
01/26/13 100 Miles 35
01/21/12 100 Miles 29
01/21/12 50 Miles 18
02/12/11 100 Miles 16
02/12/11 24 Hours 22
02/27/10 100 Miles 8
02/27/10 24 Hours 23

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