Run your way to the highest naturally occurring body of water in Massachusetts! A 5.25, 10.5, 15.75, 26.25, 51k Mile Hill Race on the circuit loop at Pittsfield State Forest. Starts and Ends at Lulu Brook Parking Lot. Most elevation gain in the first 1.5 miles to the top. Be prepared for lung busting ascent, gorgeous views, and then bombing down the other side of the mountain. Note: 15.75 and 26.25/51k (5 or 6 loop) mile will be run washing machine style, you will run one loop counter clockwise, one clockwise (reverse if you will), and the last loop counterclockwise. 

Upcoming Races

May 2 2020
51 KM
Multiple Loop Course
3 Elevation Rating
Hilly, ~2500-7500 feet in 50 miles
1 Surface Rating
Paved or very smooth surface


No Past Races
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