Over the last 8 years, Uberendurancesports has built a reputation for putting on well organized running events, many of them trail runs that are also beginner friendly. The Boulderfield 100k/50k was created to offer a new, more challenging race to our runners. We do believe that every properly trained runner can tackle this challenge but it will be more difficult than our other trail races. Elevation is estimated to be about 4000ft per 50k loop. In addition to the rolling character of the course , you will encounter a boulder field crossing and a very rugged 1 mile trail section called the Shades of Death Trail. But it will not be quite as difficult as many of the races in the upstate PA area, so I would think it would be fair to describe this as a mid level difficulty course. There is a 16 hour time limit for the 100k & 14 hour for the 50k, which will make the shorter race hiker friendly. If this sounds like your kind of fun, please join us.

Upcoming Races

Sep 14 2019
50 KM
Course is a figure 8 shaped 50K loop
Single Loop Course
14 :00 Cutoff
Hilly, ~2500-7500 feet in 50 miles
Some rocks, root, and/or ruts
Sep 14 2019
100 KM
Course is a figure 8 shaped 50K loop, 100k runners will run the 50k course twice.
Multiple Loop Course
16 :00 Cutoff
Hilly, ~2500-7500 feet in 50 miles
Some rocks, root, and/or ruts


Date Distance Total Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
09/15/18 50 KM 150 4:36:41 4:57:27
09/15/18 100 KM 23 10:13:10 13:27:58
09/16/17 50 KM 156 3:52:23 5:09:05
09/16/17 100 KM 31 10:19:21 12:56:32
09/17/16 100 KM 35 8:57:25 11:31:33
09/17/16 50 KM 150 3:54:57 4:56:48
We try to keep the most accurate information about this race, but changes do happen. Always visit the official race website for the most up to date information.

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