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The Brazos Bend 100 Miler will aim to be the fastest race in Texas and the NATION with its mostly flat course, easy aid stations and wildlife to watch its the perfect set up for some PRs and some records to be set. Wildlife is diverse and abundant. The white-­tailed deer is the largest of more than 25 different species of mammals present, which also include bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, gray and red foxes, river otters, feral hogs and several species of rodents. Approximately 21 species of reptiles and amphibians have been recorded, and the smaller turtles, lizards, snakes and frogs are overshadowed in general interest by the American alligator, which is present mainly in the wetland areas of Elm, 40­-Acre and Pilant lakes. (Feeding/harassment of wildlife is prohibited.) Birds of 290 species have been sighted in and around the park. The diverse habitat is a haven for migratory waterfowl, a variety of shorebirds, wading birds, songbirds and raptors.

The course is 99.9% flat, and the only hill is 10 feet. Other than that you will be running on flat surfaces that move from hard crushed rock, soft trail under canopy, and easy horse trails. The 50 mile will top out at 300 feet of gain total, and the 100 miler will have 600 feet of gain total.

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Past Races

Date Distance Total Finishers
12/08/18 50 Miles 162
12/08/18 100 Miles 85
12/09/17 100 Miles 91
12/09/17 50 Miles 172
12/10/16 100 Miles 61
12/10/16 50 Miles 136
12/12/15 100 Miles 35
12/12/15 50 Miles 117
12/13/14 50 Miles 125
12/13/14 100 Miles 69

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