Event Description

Runners must meet one of the listed qualifying standards off the race website. The entry fee applies to all runners regardless of qualification time, and all runners are eligible to earn prize money for their performances (prize money chart also listed on website). Runners interested in applying should inquire: hayley@aravaiparunning.com

USA 24 Hour Qualifier

The Desert Solstice 24 Hour Run will serve as an ideal qualifier for the USA 24 hour national team to compete in the world 24 hour championship.


Laps will be recorded by the MyLaps active transponder system and will be submitted for USATF record purposes. You will be provided with a transponder to wear around your ankle. 

You may leave the track at any point in time during the race, but you must return to the same place before continuing. You may not leave and return directly by the timing equipment, to avoid double counting a lap. Every 4 hours we will change the direction of travel. Your number of laps, distance, and race will be shown on an electronic display near the start.

Race Course

The race route is a certified 400-meter all-weather track located at Central High School in Phoenix, AZ.

Upcoming Races

No Upcoming Races

Past Races

Date Distance Total Finishers
12/08/18 100 Miles 23
12/08/18 24 Hours 33
12/09/17 100 Miles 13
12/09/17 24 Hours 22
12/10/16 100 Miles 18
12/10/16 24 Hours 25
12/19/15 100 Miles 12
12/19/15 24 Hours 20
12/13/14 100 Miles 16
12/13/14 24 Hours 23
12/14/13 24 Hours 22
12/14/13 100 Miles 10
12/15/12 24 Hours 20
12/15/12 100 Miles 11
12/17/11 100 Miles 2
12/17/11 24 Hours 6
12/18/10 24 Hours 21

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