The Cahuilla Band of Cahuilla Indians of the Cahuilla Reservation is a federally recognized tribe of Native American Indians located in Southeastern California. Their tribe originally came from Coachella Valley, through San Gorgonio Pass, to the San Jacinto Mountains. In 1875, their tribe was relocated to modern day Anza, where they are headquartered today. The tribe's language is derived from the Uto-Aztecan language and they are known for their beautiful basket weaving, both of which they now pass to future generations through songs, games, stories and practice. For almost 21 years, the tribe has owned and operated the Cahuilla Casino Hotel, which underwent a complete remodel, and they had their grand reopening in May 2020. 

I am incredibly honored, and humbled to be given permission by this amazing tribe to hold a trail race on their sacred lands. It has some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views I have ever seen. With 360-degree views of jaw-dropping mountain landscapes, it is also encompassed by trails that are surrounded by the native Redshank tree, Manzanita, and eye-catching rock formations. The land and beauty is as vast as the eyes can see.

Upcoming Races

Feb 6 2021
50 KM
3 Elevation Rating
Hilly, ~2500-7500 feet in 50 miles
3 Surface Rating
Some rocks, root, and/or ruts


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Cirque du Griffith Park 100-Mile & 6/12/24 Hour Ultra Runs

  • Jun 26, 2021
  • Los Angeles, CA
6 Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours