The Isle du Bois Trail Run occurs on the sweet DORBA trail system within the beautiful Isle du Bois ("Island of the Trees") Unit of Ray Roberts Lake State Park located 55 miles north of downtown Dallas. This park resides within the North Texas Horse Country which is one of the largest concentrations of horse ranches in the United States. As you drive towards the park you will encounter some of these amazing ranches and often see horses galloping about. The course itself contains a short segment of wooded double-wide paved trail before you get dirty on some muscle varied single-track within the mostly wooded terrain. You will experience sections of trail that allow you to kick it up a notch as you flow along some well groomed trail, and others that will required focused concentration as you work a short yet fun leg-awakening climb, or dance over and around sections of scattered rocks that will bite if you aren't careful. Midway through the clock-wise loop, you will enjoy some great views of Ray Roberts Lake and you may even see some white-tailed deer that often scamper throughout the park.

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Dec 7 2019
55 KM
3 loops
Multiple Loop Course
2 Elevation Rating
Rolling, ~2500 feet in 50 miles
3 Surface Rating
Some rocks, root, and/or ruts


55 KM View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
12/01/18 23 5:34:32 6:55:03
12/02/17 19 6:08:37 6:28:50
12/05/15 48 4:27:45 6:41:43
12/06/14 46 5:01:22 4:38:56

52 KM View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
12/03/16 44 4:59:22 6:03:22

50 KM View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
12/08/12 58 4:37:01 5:29:10
12/10/11 36 5:05:19 5:55:57
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