Event Description

95% single track point to point run along the Ocean to Lake Spur of the Florida Trail. Runners must have a crew and crew stops are from 5-14 miles apart. The course isn’t marked for the event; you’re supposed to follow the Orange blazes of the Ocean to Lake Spur of the Florida Trail and it could be dry or could be knee-deep sections of water. Course starts on a couple miles of gravel road, then into single track trail, and has a couple miles of sand late in the race.

Upcoming Races

Jun 1st, 2019 100 KM

Course Type: Point-to-Point

Cutoff: 18:00 Hours

Aid Stations: 6

Past Races

Date Distance Total Finishers
06/02/18 100 KM 4
06/04/17 100 KM 22
06/04/16 100 KM 10
06/06/15 100 KM 18
06/07/14 100 KM 7

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