This is a last one standing event, it is a 4.7 mile all pavement/road loop that runners will have 60 minutes to complete. If you fail to finish the loop in time you are out, if you finish in time you can continue on when the next loop starts on the hour.

This is a free event so runners will be responsible for their own aid. Water, coffee and some other food type items will be provided but this won’t be a full aid station. You will have access to the kitchen for any food prep you will want.

This event is raising money for Girls on the run. It is not required, but a donation to Girls on the run is encouraged in place of an entry fee.

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Oct 23 2021
Variable Hours
Multiple Loop Course
1 Elevation Rating
Flat or nearly flat
1 Surface Rating
Paved or very smooth surface


Variable Hours View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
10/24/20 4 42.3 23.5
10/19/19 2 42.3
10/20/18 No Results Posted. Submit Results
10/21/17 No Results Posted. Submit Results
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