The event is invite only

Potential entrants “Virgins” are invited by veterans only, and are required to complete an entrance exam to apply.
Completion of the entrance exam is not a guarantee of entry, it is simply an application. Entrants are permitted entry solely at the discretion of the RD

All participants veterans and virgins carry a standard 100 cartridge, .50 caliber ammo can (M2A1 .50 Cal) which must be carried on their person, in some fashion, at all times while making forward progress and It cannot be altered or damaged in any way

All virgins are subject to “virgin runner hazing” which includes (but may not be limited to) insertion of approx. 100 glass marbles inside the can which cannot be removed. Virgin can hazing is an MdM right of passage

An empty ammo can weighs slightly more than 5 pounds, while not heavy you may find it awkward and annoying, frankly, that’s this point

The MdM ammo will be personalized by the Wilson’s with a custom paint job unique to each participant

Once an ammo can is customized for a participant and a number is assigned and painted the number is forever retired. Your MdM can number from your virgin year is your number for life

Vets with ammo cans are asked to bring them back to future events to be carried again

Carrying the ammo can may be waived in certain circumstances solely at the RD’s discretion. When a carry is waived for a participant their can will make a lap of the lake PERIOD

Upcoming Races

Aug 14 2020
100 KM
Single Loop Course
1 Elevation Rating
Flat or nearly flat
1 Surface Rating
Paved or very smooth surface


100 KM View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
07/27/19 11 13:37:35 18:27:39
07/25/15 11 14:11:44 17:02:15
07/26/14 12 15:21:09 15:50:15
07/27/13 7 16:08:05
We try to keep the most accurate information about this race, but changes do happen. Always visit the official race website for the most up to date information.
Freaky Creeky 50 & 100
  • Sep 19, 2020
  • Vernon, BC
50 KM 100 KM