This run is meant for a little twisted fun. That's not to say it's not serious. Where else do you get to run 10 consecutive 5K's, add your times and possibly come out with your fastest 50K ever. Or your toughest. It will be an interesting mix of speed, endurance, patience, and smarts. Parts of it will be fun. Parts of it will be difficult. All of it will be a little insane.


50 KM View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
06/13/20 19 4:09:45 4:07:24
05/26/18 22 3:54:37 5:07:11
05/27/17 38 3:43:49 4:24:45
05/28/16 14 4:25:22 7:10:35
05/23/15 20 3:38:58 5:12:54
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