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In a remote corner of North-Western Mongolia lies Lake Khovsgol: One of 17 ancient lakes in the World over 2 million years-old and which contains the World’s purest fresh water. The shores are lined with ancient stands of boreal forest and packed with Wolves. It is serene, hostile, stunning, intimidating. In winter, the ice freezes across its entire near-100-mile length to a depth of over a metre thick, creating for Rat Race the ultimate adventure challenge course. This is the Mongol 100 – the most surreal, audacious and hauntingly beautiful adventure challenge known to Man. The objective is to traverse the entirety of the lake from north to south, by any means: Foot, skate or bike. 

his challenge is open to all comers. It is hard; make no mistake. Perhaps the hardest thing you will ever take on. Not just because of the physical challenge. It is cold. Very very cold. That cold will test everyone; whoever you are and however capable you are. But our mantra is for you to get to the start line and we will help you get to the end. And in so doing achieve something extraordinary.

Rat Race is the UK’s largest and most respected adventure event operator. We have catered to over 1 000 000 customers in nearly 15 years of operation. ‘The 100’ will of course unfold with typical Rat Race flare, expert event management and unwavering commitment to safety throughout.

Join us as we re-write the map of adventure and lay down what will undoubtedly become an instant classic.

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Mar 3rd, 2019 100 Miles

Course Type: Point-to-Point

Price:$3750 - 3950

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