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Another FUN Nomad event! Here's the rules: There are two divisions: "beers" and "sober". When the race starts at 10:00 AM you must drink a 16 oz. beer (or other non-alcoholic beverage of your choice) and then complete a 5.2 mile trail run. After said run you have the option of either having another beer and continuing on for another 5.2 miles, or dropping out. Only those that complete 6 repeats (and drink 6 beers) for a total of 31 miles will be granted a "finish". All others will recieve a DNF. DNF's are encouraged however! Feel free to drop out and hang around and enjoy some food, drink and friendship, and cheer on those that are silly enough to press on!
All entrants will receive a custom pint glass.
Please have a designated driver or carpool with a "sober" entrant.
This race is potluck-style, so please sign up on the spreadsheet (that will be posted soon) and bring something to share for all.
The cost for "beer" entrants will be just $20 and includes all beer and a pint glass. "sober" entrants will only pay $5, they will get a pint glass but need to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages. Nomad members in good standing are eligible for a discount code and can enter the "beer" division for just $10.
Bonus! If you sign up for the Snake River Island Hop before you sign up for this race, contact me for a discount code that will get you into this event for FREE! (the Snake River Island Hop is the following weekend and you can use this race as a taper run!)
Happy runnin!!

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Apr 20th, 2019 50 KM

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