SISU ENDURANCE presents one of the most unique events on the planet. 24 hours to run any distance you like, including the opportunity to achieve one of the toughest 100 miles anywhere! We start at a private Boy Scout Camp located in the foothills of Monrovia, CA - Camp Trask. You are encouraged to come Friday and set up your base camp (there are tents available if you need one, free of charge). Bring the entire family, crew, or friends – all extra support team are free and encouraged! Kids love camping for the weekend at the Boy Scout Camp! Saturday morning the race starts. 100 mile runners go out first, then Individual and team 24 hour runners follow shortly after. The race ends Sunday, 24 hours later for team and individual, and there is a 32 hour cutoff for 100 mile athletes. If an individual or an individual of a team achieves 75 miles during the course of their 24 hour race, they may elect to carry on.  

This race is self-supported. You have a base camp. We encourage everyone to be festive and creative with your camp. We will have movies as well as arts and crafts for the family! There are 6 loops all leaving from base camp. The longest distance is 15 miles, and the shortest to a beautiful waterfall is 5 miles. Every time you head out you check in at the head table which is at base camp. You choose which loops you want to do, and how many you desire! There are also challenges through the 24 hours if you desire such as midnight yoga, and community service. At the end points are earned by your miles as well any extra challenges you do. You are never far from base camp and your gear/fuel/food. There will be a food truck at camp as well as a coffee truck! The mood is festive with lights, movies, crafts, and onesies. You will encounter bears, but they are your neighborhood friendly bear so bring your camera!  


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11/30/19 Race Cancelled

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11/30/19 Race Cancelled
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Kodiak 100
  • Aug 14, 2020
  • Big Bear Lake, CA
50 KM 50 Miles 100 Miles