All three courses are challenging, but fair. There are plenty of hills for the masochists who love them, but not so many that it's silly (pun intended). The footing is usually excellent, but there are areas where your ankles will thank you for slowing down and watching for rocks. Patches of sand will slow things down, but much of the course is pleasantly-packed dirt. However, THIS IS NOT A ROAD RACE. The terrain will be challenging, and may be very challenging if the weather has been unusually wet or dry.

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Sep 28 2019
50 Miles
2 Elevation Rating
Rolling, ~2500 feet in 50 miles
2 Surface Rating
Mostly groomed trail or dirt roads


50 Miles View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
09/29/18 35 7:26:39 8:45:13
09/30/17 31 6:26:48 8:45:18
09/24/16 19 7:25:17 9:35:21
09/26/15 11 13:07:50 12:07:17
09/27/14 28 8:49:57 9:36:55
11/09/13 20 7:12:45 8:37:31
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Galena Sky Trail Races
  • May 16, 2020
  • Galena, IL
8 Hours