This will be done on the trails at Watson Homestead, with just a smidge of it on pavement. The loop will be 1 mile, and not too much in terms of elevation gain. Do the loop in the time allotted and you get to keep going. Come in after the cutoff and you are out, however, you get to watch those left suffer...I mean have fun!

The time you are given to do the loop will go down after each loop. The clock will start out at 20 minutes for the first loop. One minute will come off the clock after each loop. After the 10th loop (11 minutes to complete the loop), 30 seconds will come off the clock after each loop until there is only one person standing! In the event of a tie (no one finishes the loop in time), those who were attempting that last loop will compete in a one lap winner take all race.

You must be ready at the start line for each start of a lap. The time is how much time you have to complete the loop and also rest or refuel and hydrate. For example, the first lap you have 20 minutes. If you do the loop in 12 minutes, you have 8 minutes to refuel and hydrate or do what you must. The next lap you have 19 minutes. If you finish in 15 minutes, you have 4 minutes to do what you must before the next lap starts. If you are not at the start line for the start of the lap you will be DQ'ed. Runners will be made aware of how much time is left before the next lap starts.

There will be a prize for the last male and female standing. Every participant will get some swag items, food at the end, and fun times with fellow runners and rebels! Beer will be available when you are finished to those 21 years of age and older.

Upcoming Races

Nov 8 2020
Variable Hours
Multiple Loop Course
2 Elevation Rating
Rolling, ~2500 feet in 50 miles
2 Surface Rating
Mostly groomed trail or dirt roads


No Past Races
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Lake Murray Endurance Run
  • Oct 24, 2020
  • Ardmore, OK
50 KM 100 KM 100 Miles