Welcome the the MT. TAMMANY 10. Out of the shadow of the DWG FA 50K "It's All Rocks!!!" FELSENMEER, the MT. TAMMANY 10 has emerged as the latest and greatest "ULTRA" test for ultrarunners in the region. This will not be for the faint of heart. The 10, 10, in 10! 10 Climbs, over 10000 ft of gain, in 10 HRs. Hence the name MT. TAMMANY 10. You want a real challenge!!! Well here it is!!!

An almost 40.0 mile run traversing one of the toughest sections of trails in the DWG area. This event is not for the faint of heart. Expect no PRs here! These will be the toughest and slowest miles most of you will ever cover. Seasoned Ultra-runners accustomed to this type of terrain may still fall, get bruised, strained sprained and cut. Stay alert, stay focused, stay the course, and you will have a great day on the course. Probably one of the most satisfying ultras you will ever run. This course will have some great mountain views on the climb and majestic waterfalls along with the sound of rushing water on the decent. 

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Oct 30 2021
40 Miles
10,000 10,000 ft.
Multiple Loop Course
10 :00 Cutoff
5 Elevation Rating
Mountainous, >12,500 feet in 50 miles
5 Surface Rating
Very rough trail


40 Miles View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
03/21/20 Race Cancelled
03/23/19 31 7:38:52 9:18:13
03/24/18 35 7:28:56 8:57:32
03/25/17 17 7:50:33 11:05:47
03/19/16 20 7:05:18 9:44:58
03/21/15 14 7:33:00 10:12:15
03/22/14 9 8:59:22
03/23/13 7 8:41:46 10:24:15
03/24/12 6 8:46:35 10:23:10
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