No official race (that we know of) runs on the Tolt Pipeline trail. We don't want to change that, instead we are organizing an unofficial "Fat-Ass" style 50K, Marathon & Half-Marathon on the east section of the Tolt Pipline Trail. Start is near the baseball fields off 145th in Woodinville. From the start, heading east to the end of the dirt is approximately 13.75 miles and 1400 feet of elevation gain. Do it twice for a marathon OR two times plus an out and back on the Sammamish River Trail for the 50K. Both the 50K and Marathon will have 2,800 feet of gain and you get to run up Tolt pipeline trail: Heart Attack Hill twice! For those of you looking for something short and quick, run the 1.5 mile Heart Attack Hill Challenge. Let see who can get up that hill the fastest! Set an FKT for these courses or win your Strava segment, if you are into that kinda thing. Or just come out for the fun of it all!

Registration is free, but we ask you to sign a waiver and bring food to contribute to the cause, and consider bringing a new pair of socks or a t-shirt to donate to YouthCare Run with us and then hit the wineries in Woodinville afterwards for a fun day in the Sammamish River Valley.


50 KM View course top times

Date Finishers Top Result Top Result (F)
07/14/19 5 5:25:54 5:55:07
06/30/18 8 5:48:00 5:27:00
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Freaky Creeky 50 & 100
  • Sep 19, 2020
  • Vernon, BC
50 KM 100 KM