Event Description

The Worlds End Ultramarathon is a challenging foot race that explores the Loyalsock Trail, Loyalsock State Forest and Worlds End State Park in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. The routes are largely rugged, scenic-dense single-track trails with some fairly remote sections, several waterfalls and multiple vistas of the beautiful Endless Mountains. The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources describes Worlds End State Park as "virtually in a class by itself, this wild, rugged and rustic area seems almost untamed." This is NOT a beginner-level ultra and participation in the race should not be taken lightly.

Upcoming Races

Jun 1st, 2019 50 KM

Course Type: Single Loop

Elevation: 5,292 5,292 ft.

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Jun 1st, 2019 100 KM

Course Type: Single Loop

Elevation: 11,158 11,158 ft.

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Past Races

Date Distance Total Finishers
06/02/18 50 KM 126
06/02/18 100 KM 100
06/03/17 50 KM 115
06/03/17 100 KM 88
05/21/16 50 KM 132
05/21/16 100 KM 91
05/30/15 50 KM 58
05/30/15 100 KM 16

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